It takes so much to keep your home warm during cold months

Freezone Heating & Cooling is your friend throughout the process of keeping your home warm and cozy during winter.
From furnace repair to maintaining boilers, our services cover your heating needs completely. Check out all our heating services and know how well your heating needs are handled when you call our experts.

Boiler Service

Whether you need a boiler repair or believe it’s time to replace the boiler, you can confidently choose us. We can fix all boiler problems such as leaking or frozen pipe, inaccurate thermostat, power down, radiator not heating and more.

Heater Repair, Maintenance and Installation

The heater is another vital component of the HVAC system. When something goes wrong with the heater, we provide quick repair and tune-up service, so no family is left out in the cold.

Furnace Repair

Did you notice a strong gas around your furnace? Is your furnace not working properly?
When your furnace stops working, we’ll be there in a jiffy after your call. We also provide furnace maintenance services, which is the best way to avoid furnace efficiency and performance issues.

Furnace Maintenance

A well-maintained furnace offers maximum efficiency longer and provides you continuous comfort during the winter season. We provide a wide range of furnace maintenance and tune-up services, including:

  • Check airflow and blower operation
  • Check calibration of gas valve
  • Inspect comfort system
  • Inspect all electrical components
  • Clean gas burner section

Furnace & Air Handlers

Frequent furnace repairs don’t make sense when you could install an entirely new unit that will save you huge money in the long term.
We don’t just provide HVAC services! We also offer a wide range of heating equipment. Our staff will assist you finding the right product for your home and budget. We provide a full range of furnaces and air handlers in Richmond.
Constant furnace repairs mean it’s time to replace it. Our experts will assist you in selecting and installing a furnace that fits your budget and energy-efficiency desires.

Furnace Sales & Installation

We not only repair or service your furnace! We can also help you from start to finish of finding and installing a new furnace. Whether you need help with furnace sales, replacement or installation needs, our technicians are fully prepared in advance.

Heat Pumps Services

Heat pumps are very energy-efficient products that combine the role of heating and cooling air. These are sophisticated energy-efficient devices. Installing or repairing it without expert may damage your system.
We can help you determine your premises’ heating and cooling needs and provide a range of Heat Pump packaged systems, besides conventional heating and cooling products.
To ensure that the job gets done right the first time, give us a call for a helping hand.


Money should not be the reason to deprive your family, employees or yourself of the comfort of heat during cold months. Check out our flexible financing programs that come with low monthly payment and a simple and fast approval process. We offer lucrative financing plans for all types of heating equipment, no matter you need it for commercial premises or your home.
We provide 24-hour emergency heating services. Call us today at (804) 399-1234 to book an appointment.