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The Freezone Annual Maintenance Contract

For homeowners that love saving money on home services, Freezone's maintenance contract is for you!

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Managing your home's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can become a significant expense over time. Inefficient systems can cause energy bills to soar. Repair costs can quickly spiral out of control if a system's warranties aren't maintained. And what if you have to replace your system years earlier than you originally assumed? Thanks, but no thanks!

But what if you could protect your HVAC system, ensure fewer (if any!) surprise breakdowns, AND keep it humming for years beyond its expected lifespan? Most homeowners would jump at the chance. The good news is, all it takes to make that happen is regular maintenance. And when it comes to regular maintenance, nobody in Richmond gives you a better deal than Freezone Heating & Cooling.

What's different about our Planned Maintenance programs?

  • Customers get a choice in their maintenance package: Silver or Gold
  • Maintenance visits are performed by a licensed and certified technician, every time
  • We offer deep discounts on repairs AND replacements depending on the plan
  • Plan members enjoy even faster response times with priority service



  • Seasonal tune-up included*
  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • Priority service
  • 1 visit per year
  • 1-year, 100% guarantee on all repairs
  • Satisfies manufacturer warranty requirements


Our Gold Plan includes TWO seasonal system inspections (spring and fall) to ensure your home is comfortable and efficient all year long. It also includes:

  • Seasonal tune-up included*
  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • 5% discount on system replacement
  • Guaranteed 24/7/365 priority service
  • No trip or overtime charges - EVER
  • 1-year 100% guarantee on repairs
  • Priority installations
  • Exclusive member-only discounts and deals
  • Satisfies manufacturer warranty requirements

Have a question regarding a maintenance plan? We're happy to help! Call us at (804) 399-1234, or contact us online.

*For your seasonal system inspection, we'll send a licensed expert to your home and make 20 critical adjustments to your system to ensure it's ready for the upcoming season (summer or winter). You can learn more about what's included in a seasonal repair by visiting our tune-up page.

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