Indoor Air Quality

Breathe healthy with our indoor air quality solutions

At Freezone Heating & Cooling, we offer homeowners and businesses incredible solutions to improve the quality of indoor air. Our advanced solutions including air humidifiers and air purifiers solve all indoor air pollution problems. We have some residential clients who ask for the whole house air filtration systems to remove every tiniest airborne particle. We also install homicidal UV lights, air conditioning units, and air purification systems.

Got a new home?

Tight construction procedures may prevent fresh, healthy air from entering the interior of your home. We offer a range of fresh air systems from air duct cleaners to air purifiers to remove stale air problems by adding consistent ventilation throughout your house.

Do you feel the dust and airborne contaminants are impacting your family’s health? It’s time to call Freezone Heating & Cooling.
Advanced Air Duct Cleaning

Our advanced air duct cleaning systems remove dust completely without fouling the air inside. You can also choose duct sealing to avoid the loss of heated or cooled air. Choose an air purifier that works with HVAC unit to remove nearly all airborne pollutants.


If your house has excessive moisture, we offer whole-house dehumidification systems. These solutions improve and balance humidity levels. For too dry situation, we suggest humidifier that is right for your home in Richmond. Humidifiers save money and also work with your HVAC system to improve humidity level throughout the home.

Do you want to discuss how to improve indoor air quality? Please contact us today at (804) 399- 1234 to find the best solutions with us.